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[Breaking] Won Bin and Lee Na Young Reportedly Dating

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The news media source Dispatch is reporting that actors Lee Na Young and Won Bin are currently in a relationship! It reported early on July 3 (KST) that its reporters caught the two top actors in the same location eight times over the past month, meeting each other every four days at the most, spending about 12 to 24 hours together. The dates were mostly one night and two days long, according to the source.

Reportedly, Won Bin would drive over to Lee Na Young’s apartment home in Budang for the date. Won Bin was always wary, moving fast and secretly from the parking lot to the apartment entrance door of Lee Na Young’s home. Won Bin was usually dressed down, looking very casual and unlike his TV image.

Dispatch reports that the two dated almost on a schedule, dating at least one during the weekday and on the weekend. The news media source caught the two dating eight times in the month of June. Between June 20 and 22, the date was 1 night and 2 days.

According to sources close to the two actors, Lee Na Young and Won Bin started dating last August. The two came to know each other when Lee Na Young moved to the same agency Won Bin belongs to in August 2011. The two started dating one year later in August 2012.

One acquaintance stated, “Won Bin and Lee Na Young have a lot of similarities. They hung out together naturally through their stylists and started to develop an interest in one other. As I know it, they started seeing each other seriously last August.”

A couple of other news sources are reporting that Lee Na Young and Won Bin can’t be reached currently and their agencies have also not responded to any inquires.

Congratulations to the new celebrity couple!

Source: Dispatch, TV Daily, and MBN TV

[UPDATE 1] Some news sources are reporting that the Kim Nam Kyung, CEO of Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s agency, Eden9, stated to a few reporters through a phone call that two are definitely not a couple and just close like siblings. Others sources are stating that the agency is currently in the process of confirming with the two actors.

Source: Star TodayNewsen, Osen, Review Star

[Update 2] It's confirmed! Click here for full article.

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