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Han Hye Jin and Ki Sung Yueng Broke Up Once Before Their Wedding

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The lovely actress and sports star couple may now be happily married after an elaborate wedding ceremony filled with guests, but it wasn't all smooth sailing throughout their relationship, and we now know that they had even broken up once beforehand. So what exactly happened?

In celebration of their second anniversary, the talk show “Healing Camp” featured their brutally honest MC, Han Hye Jin, as their main guest for the occasion with her now husband Ki Sung Yueng appearing as a surprise guest. During the video message segment he made an interesting revelation. He once told her that they should break up. Yet her response was not one of anger or frustration; she simply told him “I’m sorry, I’ll accept everything.”

So why did this happen in the first place? In his video message, Ki Sung Yueng described how he felt a sense of burden and was conscious about what other people thought about his relationship. Han Hye Jin went into a bit more detail explaining how this occurred just as they were beginning to start their relationship in earnest. But something else was beginning to form as well and that was concerning. They started to worry about the age difference, their jobs, and their parents. Han Hye Jin also talked about how even in this early point, Ki Seung Yeong wanted to really marry her, yet he had a growing sense of fear every time he thought about it.

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One day, befitting of her brutally honest nature, she just asked him “Are you apprehensive?” and the response she got was “I’m apprehensive.” In that fleeting moment she describes as being “Drenched in cold water and being forced to face reality,” she began to think “What was I doing to him?” The age difference, their parent’s view ,and the opinion of others had begun to weigh her down.  She then left him a long message telling him that “I understand; on the contrary, I’m much more apologetic. I understand so don’t worry about me and let's not contact each other any more.” The time period for this was December of last year.

But of course there is a happy ending to all of this. One day Han Hye Jin had a dream about Sung Yueng and in that vivid dream she saw a rather saddened Ki Sung Yueng in it. Unbelievably she then got a message from him in the morning- a simple “Hye Jin…,” and she told him how he showed up in her dreams. Amazingly, he also said that she appeared in his dreams as well. This was the trigger that made them talk to each other again and I guess the rest is just history.

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