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Which K-Pop Stars Share Your July Birthday?

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Is it your birthday in July? Well, happy birthday! And like you, there are quite a few celebrities in Korean entertainment with birthdays in July. And, you could be lucky and share the same birthday with your favorite celeb!

And if it’s not your birthday month, it’s cool. It’s always fun to know who was born when and how old they’ll be. Did you know that Gong Yoo and Im Soo Jung are only a day apart? Or that there are two Min Woo’s with birthdays a few days apart?

Flip through the gallery to see who is celebrating their birthday in July!

Let us know if there’s anyone sharing your birthday!

1 leeteuk

July 1

Super Junior's Leeteuk (1983)

2 beast doojoon

July 4

Beast's Doojoon (1989)

3 clazziquai horan

July 5

Clazziquai's Horan (1979)

4 eru

July 5

Eru (1983)

5 vixx han sang hyuk

July 5

Vixx's Han Sang Hyuk (1995)

6 kim bum

July 7

Kim Bum (1989)

7 block b park kyung

July 8

Block B's Park Kyung (1992)

8 super junior kim heechul

July 10

Super Junior's Kim Heechul (1983)

9 gong yoo

July 10

Gong Yoo (1979)

10 im soo jung

July 11

Im Soo Jung (1979)

11 lee byung hun

July 12

Lee Byung Hun (1970)

12 lee kwang soo

July 14

Lee Kwang Soo (1985)

13 csjh the grace dana

July 17

The Grace's Dana (1986)

14 rainbow jisook

July 18

Rainbow's Jisook (1990)

15 shinee taemin

July 19

SHINee's Taemin (1993)

16 nuest baekho

July 21

Nu'est's Baekho (1995)

17 epik high tablo

July 22

Epik High's Tablo (1980)

18 kara seungyeon

July 24

Kara's Seungyeon (1988)

19 rania jooyi

July 27

RaNia's Jooyi (1990)

20 jo in sung

July 28

Jo In Sung (1981)

21 shinhwa lee min woo

July 28

Shinhwa's Lee Min Woo (1980)


July 29

Alexander (1988)

22 shin se kyung

July 29

Shin Se Kyung (1990)

23 after school lizzy

July 31

After School's Lizzy (1992)

24 boyfriend no min woo

July 31

Boyfriend's No Minwoo (1995)

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