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CNBlue Files Suit Against Crying Nut for Spreading False Information

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Four-man pop rock band CNBlue fires back towards Crying Nut, the indie band that had sued CNBlue earlier in the year for copyright infringement. According to Yonhap News, CNBlue has filed a lawsuit against Crying Nut for spreading false information.

CNBlue's management agency, FNC Entertainment, through legal representation is reported to have put forth a suit against Crying Nut at the Seoul Central District Court on June 27, citing Crying Nut's "spreading of false information, which finds an applicable prohibition under the law." However, further information on the subject matter, including the proceedings and the amount of the claim, are not made public.

FNC Entertainment, on behalf of CNBlue said, "Crying Nut has been claiming that CNBlue committed an infringement of their copyrights. Though the merits of their claim is still under proceeding, they have been talking about it as if it were the truth."

Further, "All CNBlue did, who had only debuted six months ago at the time, was to sing with the instrumental track the station said it prepared." Previously, both the band and the broadcast company have apologized for the unintentional mistake.

The band's side continued, "CNBlue, through hard training, performances and diligent work, has achieved its Hallyu star status, and this lawsuit brings irreparable damage to their reputation. It significantly undermines their moral rights and thus, this suit is filed."

The legal battle began when indie band Crying Nut filed a copyright infringement suit against CNBlue in February, when CNBlue was at the height of its promotions for their third mini-album "Re:BLUE." Crying Nut claimed that CNBlue hand-synced and passed off as their own instrumentation a June 2010 performance of "Deadly Offside," a Crying Nut composition. The performance for Mnet's music show "M! Countdown" was recorded and a DVD was sold in Japan.

CJ E&M, Mnet's parent company, and CNBlue have issued official apologies, but Crying Nut has proceeded with the lawsuit despite these explanations.

Meanwhile, CNBlue will release a single in Japan, "Lady," on July 31, and will proceed to the next leg of their  "2013 Blue Moon World Tour" on August 24 in Kuala Lumpur. 

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