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[Recap] Soompi Weekly Roundup - June Week 4

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All the important Korean Entertainment news from this week in one place: This is your Weekly Soompi Roundup! 

-Only a few weeks after her happy wedding, Baek Ji Young suffered from a miscarriage. Soompi and her fans all over the world sent their condolences for this deeply saddening news.

-Se7en and Sangchu are currently being investigated for visiting an adult massage parlor while serving their military duty. Sangchu has claimed responsibility, but there were rumors that Se7en was kicked out of his own fan cafe. This has, obviously, stirred everyone up in a frenzy, including actor Choi Philip who went on a rant on Twitter. Guess this isn't the "happy ending" they were wanting. 

-Our favorite agency, Core Contents Media, decided once again to not do what the other agencies were doing and admitted that Soyeon got a bit done on her face. Just a wee bit.

-Girl's Day's agency had to explain that in the "Female President" music video, Yura is not naked, but thanks for noticing that we tried really hard to make it look as if she's pretty much naked.

-Roy Kim and Park Soo Jin may or may not be dating. Regardless, with the news older women rejoiced that Roy Kim would even consider someone eight years older. Huzzah!

-Han Go Eun may or may not be dating a military physician. What's with the denials and secrecy? Be open, everyone else is.

-Figure Skater Yuna Kim taught Ryan Seacrest how to ice skate. If you're going to learn, you might as well learn from the best

-The beautiful Han Hyo Joo showed that she has a beautiful heart as well by donating about $30,000 to a non-profit organization

-K-Pop's creep, the CEO of World Entertainment, was sentenced to six years in prison for sexually assaulting minors. Let's hope we never hear from this guy again.

Next...An idol group brings in politics! Yeah right...

The music video of the week goes to the sexy and controversial "Female President" by Girl's Day. Am I the only one who misses the cute Girl's Day with their bouncy dances? This is a different kind of "bouncy." 

B.A.P took advantage of their North American tour by filming the music video for "Coffee Shop" in the cities they held concerts at. Outsider is back, along with K-Pop veteran Lee Soo Young. Roy Kim is in love, love, love. 4Minute burned the roof down, literally, in "Is It Poppin'?

In music news, actor and former TRAX member No Min Woo has started his own band to remind us that he was originally a musician. Big Bang, 2pm, and Nicole made appearances the MTV Japan Video Music Awards. Speaking of Big Bang, YG Entertainment made some official announcements about G-Dragon and Taeyang

Soompi is also having some sweet deals at their shop, especially if you're into C-Clown and A-Prince

Don't forget to support the lesser known but very talented artists. Sometimes we need a break from mainstream K-Pop. 

Next...all good things must come to end. 


"Gu Family Book" has ended, sadly as all dramas do, but if you still need your historical drama fix, "Goddess of Fire" held its first press conference. B1A4's Baro and Tiny-G's Dohee join the cast for "Reply 1994." 

In film, BoA will be making her Hollywood debut in "Make Your Move 3D. "


Sulli revealed how Krystal passed her SM audition on "Amazing f(x)." Park Ji Sung declared his love for his girlfriend. Kim Gu Ra stated the obvious when he said Akdong Musicians' looks are not SM style. Their "K-Pop Star"sunbae Baek A Yeon revealed that she is a fan of an SM artist and wants to do "We Got Married " with him. Might as well, he's been on a lot of episodes lately.

Next...Another Girls' Generation subunit?  


On Twitter and Instagram, Yuri hints at another subunit with Yoona. Girls' Generation is normally amazing in everything, but they're really lazy about their subunit names. No Min Woo helps define the word "androgynous." 2NE1 gets all the Black Jacks to freak out (in joy) by opening an Instagram account. 


Lee Hyun Woo is both adorable and mature in "Ceci." Choi Jong Hoon doesn't need Photoshop in a behind the scenes photo for "Elle." Ivy is a pool side goddess for "High Cut." 

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