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YG Releases More Info On G-Dragon Album, Talks About Taeyang’s Solo Album

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We previously reported that YG will update the fans everyday this week with news regarding solo plans of each Big Bang member. Unfortunately, one of their artist, Se7en, was caught by reporters visiting adult massage parlors while on military duty.

On June 28, YG Entertainment updated the company’s official blog with the latest updates on Big Bang's G-Dragon’s solo album and also introduced plans regarding Taeyang’s solo album.


“I extend my apology for the delayed post.”

What are the plans regarding G-Dragon’s solo concert?

“G-Dragon is scheduled to hold a solo concert at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena for two days on August 31 and September 1.

Technically, this will be G-Dragon’s final encore concert for his world tour. At the concert, he will be performing his new songs from his 2nd studio album, which will be released on August 18.

Since he has been holding his world tour concerts for the last few months, he is not planning a new concert this year. Instead, he will be devoting his energy on his album work.”

More details surrounding G-Dragon’s August 18 solo album release?

“As you all know, August 18 is G-Dragon’s birthday. But because it is a Sunday, a weekend, it would be difficult to release the song online.

To make it more special for the fans and G-Dragon himself, on August 18, he is scheduled to release the album on a TV music program and offline, while making the online release a little earlier, on August 14.

When will Taeyang release his album?

“We are thinking about the beginning of September for Taeyang’s 2nd studio album. This is the first one in three years since his first solo album release in 2010.

Well, it’s time to go now but I will come back tomorrow with more good news on the details of Taeyang’s new album and also on the other members of Big Bang! Stay tuned!”

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