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[Breaking] Baek Ji Young Has a Miscarriage Four Months Into Pregnancy

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It is sad to report that singer Baek Ji Young has recently got a miscarriage on June 27 at around 10am.

Baek Ji Young is currently in shock and her husband, actor Jung Suk Won, is at a loss about the situation. She has been pregnant for four months.

An official commented, "It was said that Baek Ji Young should be in a stable condition in the pregnancy after the end of this month, but I can't believe that this happened.."

The couple tied the knot on June 2. They previously revealed in mid May of the pregnancy.

Our condolences to the couple and family.


On June 27, a representative from Baek Ji Young’s agency stated, “Baek Ji Young said she felt pain in her stomach yesterday and that she’s not feeling well, so we quickly went to the hospital. We found out today at 10am that she lost the baby. She had surgery so she’s not doing well. She’s currently resting at the hospital. Her family is by her side taking care of her and comforting her.”

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