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Sweet Sorrow Wants You to "Just Get Away" Because You Deserve It

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Vocal group Sweet Sorrow has released the full music video for their upcoming single, “Just Get Away (You Deserve It).”

“Just Get Away (You Deserve It)" is a song fit for the summer, telling listeners that it’s okay to just get away from the grind of daily life and have fun and dream. The music video takes the form of a behind the scenes video, showing the group shooting for their upcoming album.

This digital single is being released before Sweet Sorrow's full-length fourth album. The single album contains two songs: "Just Get Away (You Deserve It)" and "I Love You So Much It's Hard to Bear." The latter track is composed and written by member Sung Jin Hwan.

Sweet Sorrow Just Get Away album jacekt

Sweet Sorrow "Just Get Away (You Deserve It)" Album Cover

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