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Se7en and Sangchu Undergo Questioning for Visiting Adult Massage Parlor, Sangchu Claims Responsibility

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It was reported earlier Se7en and Sangchu were caught by reporters of the SBS news program "Scene 21" visiting adult massage parlors while on military duty, causing controversy and questions among the news media and the public about military leniency toward celebrity soldiers.

After the news spread, several representatives from the Ministry of National Defense stated that Se7en and Sangchu were being questioned, and after the questioning is done, the Ministry will release an official statement.

Various media sources are also currently reporting that Kim Kwan Jin, the minister of National Defense, after receiving the official report earlier in the day (June 26 KST), has ordered a rigorous investigation into the controversy.  

Among the various reports of investigation, Oh My News and Herald News are reporting that Sangchu, in a questioning performed earlier in the day of June 25, before  "Scene 21" aired later that night, said, "Se7en, who is my junior officer, did nothing wrong. I will take all responsibility as the senior officer."

0626 se7en and sangchu military scene 21

You can click on the little blue play button on the top right of the screencaps to view the segement from "Scene 21."

Source: News Chunji, OBS NewsOh My NewsHerald News, and XSportsNews

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