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[Opinion] DSP Trolled Rainbow Again

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DSP has trolled Rainbow once again. If you felt like DSP couldn't put in any less effort into “Rainbow,” you were wrong. I had some small hope that DSP would actually spend more than 50 won on Rainbow's comeback with “Sunshine,” but no, they clearly produced the song on a budget of 25 won.

It's really noticeable that “Sunshine” sounds almost exactly like "Tell Me Tell Me.” I imagine that DSP called up the producer of "Tell Me Tell Me" and said something along the lines of, "Hey, Rainbow is making a comeback next week. Can you slap together a song in about ten minutes so that we can shoot the MV tonight?" "Sunshine" just adds some annoying ad-libs throughout the song to differentiate itself from "Tell Me Tell Me," but the two songs are essentially the same.

At this point, I was ready to give up on Rainbow. It was clearly evident that DSP didn't care for Rainbow at all by giving them forgettable songs and cheap MVs. I didn't see the point in following them anymore if DSP was going to drag them down this path.

Then I saw their performance for "Don't Touch."

Why isn't this the title track? I could argue that any track not named "Sunshine" could be the title track, but "Don't Touch" has more potential to lure in new fans with the sexy choreography and a melody devoid of the schizophrenic changes plaguing K-Pop songs this year, such as 4minute's "What's Your Name" and T-ara N4's "Countryside Life."

But no, DSP wants to troll their own group by having them promote a song that even Rainbow fans don't like. Maybe this is all part of DSP's plan to get people to become fans of Rainbow through pity.

"I'm going to become a fan of Rainbow out of pity," said no one ever.

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