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Baek Ah Yeon Is a Big Fan of SHINee's Key, Wants to Do "WGM" with Him

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Baek Ah Yeon proved that she is a Shawol and more specifically, a Key fan!

On June 24, Baek Ah Yeon was a guest on Mnet's "Beatles Code 2" and confessed that she was a SHINee fan since before her debut.

She stated, "I really liked SHINee's Key even before I debuted as a singer. I liked him so much that I even went to the fan signing events. At one signing event, there were so many nuna (older female) fans that Key was about to write 'nuna' but when I said that I wasn't a nuna, he changed it right away into a heart."

The MCs added, "So you must feel nervous even now when you see him. SHINee comes on 'Beatles Code 2' a lot. What would you do if they were sitting right here right now?" Then Baek Ah Yeon suddenly got shy, which drew a lot of laughter.

In the past, Baek Ah Yeon was asked who she would chose as her partner for "We Got Married" and she picked Key.

She said, "My ideal type is someone with a pretty smile. Key's smile is so pretty."

Soompiers, do you think Baek Ah Yeon and Key will make good "We Got Married" partners?

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