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Courts Reject Open World Entertainment CEO's Appeal, Sentences Him to 6 Years of Jail Time

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Open World Entertainment's Jang Suk Woo has been sentenced to six years of prison for sexual assault.

On June 21, the court announced that it will reject Jang Suk Woo's appeal and stick with the original sentencing, which is six years of prison for sexually assaulting the agency's trainees.

Also, as the original sentencing stated, Jang Suk Woo's profile will be made public for five years and he will need to go through 40 hours of a sexual assault healing program.

The court stated, "Mr. Jang insisted that the assessment of the case was unjust but according to the criminal action law, that insistence can only be counted with the death penalty or a sentence of ten or more years of prison."

Previously, Mr. Jang was charged with sexually assaulting three trainees of Open World Entertainment, of which he is the CEO, from November 2010 to March 2012.

Out of those trainees, two of them were minors in their teens and another wasn't even signed on with the agency yet.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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