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The Truth Behind H.O.T: SM Wanted Andy But H.O.T Members Wanted Tony An!

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The reason why Tony An got chosen to be part of the legendary first generation idol group H.O.T has been revealed!

On the recent episode of "20th Century Handsome Boys," the truth behind the H.O.T. members that not even Tony An knew himself was revealed for the first time in 18 years.

Tony An said, "After seeing a newspaper ad that read 'We're Looking For A Star,' I went to audition with Andy (Shinhwa)," and "The company liked Andy more but since Andy was still too young, they wanted to put him in the next team and I got chosen as a member instead."

After hearing this, Moon Hee Jun stated, "There is still something that hasn't been said yet," which surprised Tony. Moon Hee Jun continued, "The company actually asked us to choose between Tony and Andy. Everyone unanimously picked Tony."

He added, "Keep this a secret from Andy," whereas Tony admitted, "I really didn't know. This is really the first time I'm hearing about this."

The members also share other behind-the-scenes stories for H.O.T, Eun Ji Won's study abroad days in Hawaii, Chun Myung Hoon's backdancing days for Solid and Danny Ahn's debut after eight failed auditions.

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