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After School to Perform Without Nana for the Time Being After Her Injury

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Pledis Entertainment has announced updates on After School member Nana's condition and group activities.

Nana fell 1.2 meters off stage yesterday after recording for MBC Music's "Show Champion." Pledis Entertainment first announced after the accident, “While Nana’s injuries are light, due to the unexpected accident, she is resting from the shock. For her recovery, all schedules after today’s pre-recording have been canceled, and we will decide future activities depending on her recovery and health.”

Today the agency stated, "Right after the accident, [Nana] was moved to a nearby hospital and received an examination. During the first round of examinations, there were nothing particularly wrong, but Nana kept on complaining of pain, and after a thorough physical examination, [the doctor found] there was serious bruising around the pelvis."

The agency further announced, "Fortunately, there is no problem with the bone but since the pain is continuing, Nana will only focus on recovering her health."

Nana is currently admitted to the hospital and her scheduled activities are canceled. After School will be performing with six members for the time being. Lizzy is also still currently recovering from her leg injury.

Get well soon, Nana!

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