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Why Did Actress Jeon Ji Hyun Refuse to Appear on “Infinity Challenge”?

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During a recent interview, PD Kim Tae Ho of Infinity Challenge” discussed how guest stars are invited to his variety show.

Kim Tae Ho stated, “There are times when the stars ask to be guests on the show. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to refuse them politely because it would not fit our show. This is possible only in ‘Infinity Challenge.’”

He also discussed how he failed to invite actress Jeon Ji Hyun. Kim Tae Ho explained, “A while back, I called Jeon Ji Hyun and asked her to appear on the show. She said that although she would love to be a guest, she found that ‘Infinity Challenge’ worked best when only the seven members appear. She explained that as a fan of the show, she did not want to ruin it by appearing as a pointless guest.”

He continued, “But Jeon Ji Hyun also said that if there was anything else she could do for the show, she would do it. I was so thankful for her advice.”

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