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CL Wants to Break the Asian Woman Stereotype

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Check out 2NE1 CL’s recent interview with edaily. CL stated, “I wanted to let people know that there are people in Asia who do this kind of music wearing these kinds of clothes and gold teeth. Although it might not look pretty to some, I wanted to break the mold that people had of Asian women.”

CL continued by explaining, “When I was younger I went to an international school and felt that there was bias about Asian females. I wish that women in Asia would be able to have a bigger voice. I hope that women would become stronger.”

CL also talked about what it is like after a performance. She stated, “When I come down from the stage after a performance, I come down with the feeling and energy of communicating with fans. However, I lose visual memories.”

CL then talked about boyfriends. She said, “I can’t make a boyfriend. When I put on the gold teeth, I thought for a long while if I should do it or not. I need to get married and have a baby. My mom is worried what my future child would think if she knew that I put on gold teeth. I hope that my future child would know that my appearance on stage isn’t all of me.”




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