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Simon D and Lady Jane Part Ways After Six-Year Relationship

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Sad news! Rapper Simon D and singer Lady Jane have broken up after six years of dating.

On June 17, Simon D's agency announced, "About a month ago the two broke up naturally. There was no special reason; they drifted apart while focusing on their music." 

A source from Lady Jane's agency stated, "We heard that they started growing apart early this year and broke up last month. It seems that their meetings came to a lull naturally since they have been dating for a long time."

While they have parted ways as lovers, the two artists seem to have remained good friends as they still correspond with each other on Twitter. According to Osen, even after the two broke up, Lady Jane replied to a video tweet by Simon D, writing, "What are you doing!"

Simon D and Lady Jane starting dating in 2007 and Simon D later revealed on a TV program that he had a girlfriend, who was found out to be fellow musician Lady Jane. 

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