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2NE1’s Sandara Prepares Food for Sibling Thunder

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There are a few handful of celebrity siblings in the K-Pop world, and it’s great to see them interact on stage or collaborate in magazine pictorials, but it’s a little more difficult, for some reason, to see how they would interact in their daily life.

On June 14, 2NE1’s Sandara Park posted a long story on her Twitter made up of several posts. “I woke up a little bit earlier, but mom was already out and [MBLAQ's] Thunder came home all of a sudden. He’s a cat who just had a dry rehearsal, and said that he has to eat real quick and leave... hmm.. I don’t cook well, but I prepared food!!! The menu is~ fried egs!!! ^.*V”

She continued, “However!!! Thunder asked with worry, “You want to make me one with the egg shells again?” Huk... It’s because I made fried eggs before in the past when a little bit of the egg shell went in.. ^^::::: That was a mistake and this time it was from the heart!!! ^_^ And as a bonus, I added Vienna sausages!”

Sandara went on, “I also added side dishes that mom previously made, which help make my meal complete!!! Thunder asked me two questions. “Did you not put salt in the eggs..?” @.@ “Is this fully cooked?” Hahaha. He’s suspicious. keke. However, he ate it all without leaving a grain of rice! ^_^V”

Her last post included a picture of the meal. “This is the meal nuna made for her younger brother, who greatly missed home-cooked meals. Just made something real quick because didn’t have much time so it looks elementary, but I hope he eats this well and does a great job performing at ‘Music Bank’ today!!! ^_^V Fighting~.”

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