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Teaser Clip #2 for Lee Seung Chul's "The Day to Love - Love One" Features Handsome Roy Kim

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The second teaser clip for Lee Seung Chul's "The Day to Love – Love One" has been released and this time, the clip features "Super Star K4" Roy Kim's story.

In the teaser, Roy Kim can be seen wearing a black shirt with his hair styled back as he is reading a book. His handsome and intellectual looks have certainly shaken up the hearts of female fans!

Lee Seung Chul's "The Day to Love - Love One" MV will be released in three different parts. The first teaser featured Nam Gyu Ri's story and while the second teaser featured Roy Kim, the third is expected to feature "Super Star K 4" runner up, Jung Joon Young.

Jung Joon Young's parts in the MV have already raised anticipation levels after cuts of him and Lee Chung Ah passionately kissing have been uploaded onto the Web.

Lee Seung Chul's "The Day to Love - Love One" is part of his 11th album and just by listening to the short excerpt of the melody and lyrics, fans can already get a taste of the heart-aching and sad atmosphere of the track.

"The Day to Love - Love One" will be released on June 14.

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