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Girls' Generation's Taeyeon Transforms into Janus Muse for "High Cut"

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Girls' Generation's Taeyeon transformed into a dual charm "Janus Muse" for a recent "High Cut" magazine pictorial.

Taeyeon posed for Chanel Beauty and displayed a variety of looks such as an innocent and girlish look and a chic and mature look.

A photo shoot source commented, "Taeyeon perfected the different makeup styles of day and night," and "Her healthy and glowing skin along with the pink lips made her into an icon of innocence whereas her blue and green mascara transformed her into a mysterious woman."

The source added, "Taeyeon's hairstyle stayed the same and only her makeup changed. She completely understood this concept and tried extra hard to give more difference in each pose and facial expression."

This pictorial can be found in the 103rd edition of "High Cut."

 high cut taeyeon

high cut taeyeon 2

high cut taeyeon 3

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