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[Exclusive] 100% Autographed CD Giveaway And Interview With Members

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Hot boy group 100% recently made a fierce return to the music scene with the title track, “Want U Back,” off their first mini-album, “Real 100%.” The group made headlines with the members' manly transformation, with all members sporting six-packs and extremely toned and muscular bodies. “Real 100%” marked the group’s return to a charismatic image after their sweet, ballad song “Guy Like Me,” showing the wide range and multiple facets of this talented group.

100% is composed of seven members- leader Minwoo, Rokhyun, Jonghwan, Chanyong, Changbum, Hyukjin, and youngest Sanghoon- each with a unique personality and role in the group. Fans of 100% will able to learn more about each member through Soompi’s exclusive written interview with all members of 100%, from whom the members think is the best looking out of the group to what funny habits the members have that the fans don’t know about. As for readers who aren’t fans yet, they will become one after reading the members' honest, thoughtful, and interesting answers.

Additionally, Soompi is giving out ten autographed 100% “Real 100%” CDs!

The contest will be running for ten days, starting today (June 11 to June 21). We will be announcing the winners in the article throughout the contest duration so make sure to come  back and take a look!!

To enter the contest all you have to do is:

  1. Follow us on Twitter (@soompi),

  2. Leave a comment below with your Twitter username,
  3. Tweet: "@soompi is giving away 10 autographed #100Percent (100%) CDs! Just follow, comment on http://bit.ly/11vF6Hh, and retweet to win!"

IMPORTANT: Please note that we will contact you through Twitter if you’re one of the lucky winners, so don’t forget to check your mentions! You will need to get back to us in the next 24 hours after our message!

Good luck everyone!


Now read the interview below!

1. How do you feel about coming back to your fans after six months?

Minwoo) First of all, we feel very sorry towards the fans that have waited a long time for us. As much as we prepared for this comeback, we want to repay fans through diverse and active promotion activities. It feels like we’re debuting all over again.

Rokhyun) I’m very happy and excited, but on the other hand I also feel nervous, and I’m worried fans might have forgotten about us. It’s like we’re going to do our debut stage again.

Jonghwan) It’s the second time we are standing on a stage with a dance song, but… it feels like we’re debuting again.

Chanyong) Since we’ve been on a long break, it’s like we’re debuting again. I’m excited and happy.

Changbum) There’s a part of me that is worried and wondering if fans will still remember us and another that is excited and can’t wait to meet the fans again.

Hyukjin) We are still rookies but we’ve had a long break so I was worried and afraid that fans had forgotten us. Now that we came back I’m working hard and doing my best just as if we were debuting again.

Sanghoon) Because our break was so long, I feel like we’re debuting once more.

2. What kind of concept do you like best/do you think matches you more?

Minwoo) The cute and fun concept is comfortable, but darker concepts are a bit more fun. It also makes our overall charisma stands out more.

Rokhyun) I want to be able to handle any outfit or concept. Isn't that the best image a singer can show on stage?

Jonghwan) I don’t really know yet. I want to try more diverse concepts in the future.

Chanyong) But I think our current concept suits us well.

Changbum) I think we can handle any concept.

Hyukjin) For our debut, we had a manly concept as well, so I would like to try a cheerful and brighter concept.

Sanghoon) I think the current concept suits me the best.

3. Does the leader feel pressure from being the oldest one? (Minwoo is the only one born in the 1980s!)

Minwoo) Not at all. The younger members follows my guidance very well and are always beside me as friends giving me strength, so I don't feel pressured because I am the leader. However, I always feel I should do well for our team.

4. Do you get to talk and hang out with your fellow label mates?

Minwoo) We are getting along extremely well!

Rokhyun) We are getting along so well, it's become a problem. We make a lot of jokes and on our days off we hang out together.

Jonghwan) Andy hyung takes care of us very well, and we‘re close to Teen Top members as if we were brothers.

Chanyong) Yes. We’re so close, it gets problematic.

Changbum) We're close toAndy hyung and Teen Top members like family.

Hyukjin) Yes. We’re as close as a family.

Sanghoon) We joke around and hang out a lot with our Teen Top friends.

5. Who is the best looking out of the group?

Minwoo) Hmm… I think it’s Minwoo.. (?)

Rokhyun) Minwoo, who was an ulzzang.

Jonghwan) They are all good looking but personally, I think our youngest, Sanghoon, is the most good looking. He has manly features.

Chanyong) Chanyong.

Changbum) Minwoo Hyung.

Hyukjin) Minwoo Hyung.

Sanghoon) It’s hard to choose one member.

6. Who do you respect and/or look up to as an idol?

Minwoo) I look up to my dad. Later when I get married and start a family, I want to become just as my father.

Rokhyun) Beyonce and Chris Brown. I really love these two artists. I think it’s amazing to see them working hard to show their best on stage at every moment and their live and performances are great too.

Jonghwan) I really like Jay Park sunbae. The freedom he shows on stage is really cool.

Chanyong) The people I respect are my parents. As for idols, E-Sens, Dynamic Duo, and Tyga.

Changbum) The person I respect is my dad. As for idol, it is G-Dragon.

Hyukjin) Kim Tae Woo sunbae.

Sanghoon) Definitely Shinhwa sunbae. I want our group to have a career as long as Shinhwa’s.

7. Does Minwoo have any plans for doing more movies or dramas in the future? (He has previous acting experience.)

Minwoo) If the opportunity arises, I really want to take part in a good project.

8. What do you do during your free time?

Minwoo) I watch movies with the members, and I call all the friends and relatives that I haven’t been able to contact because of our busy schedule.

Rokhyun) I watch movies or I go for a walk. I like walking so I go to the park and walk.

Jonghwan) I like watching movies or eating delicious foods.

Chanyong) I watch movies or usually sleep.

Changbum) I sleep or watch movies. I also exercise or play first-person shooter (FPS) games.

Hyukjin) I like going to noraebang. When I go, I sing three to four hours to release stress.

Sanghoon) I really love exercising. I like to bike to the Han River and play basketball there.

9. If you had to take only one member with you to survive on an isolated island, who would it be? What are five things you would take with you?

Minwoo) Sanghoon, who has the strong ability to maintain one's livelihood? The funny Chanyong? Hard to chooseㅠㅠ I’ll take a generator, a laptop, a charger, 100 boxes of ramyeon, and a camera.

Rokhyun) I’ll go with Changbum. He can’t stay still so I won’t be bored. I’ll take food, a communications apparatus, a boat, perfume, and toiletries.

Jonghwan) I’ll go with Sanghoon. I think he would do the hard work and many other things. I’ll take a nice car and a nice house. To be honest, I’ve never thought about this.

Chanyong) I would like to go all together. Because we’re seven members, we would be able to do a lot of things. I’ll take food, TV, bed, fishing rod, and a soccer ball.

Changbum) I’ll go with Rokhyun. I’ll take food, a computer, a cell phone, an airplane, and a shower room.

Hyukjin) I’ll go with Sanghoon. If we go together, I think we can survive. Haha! I’ll take a fishing rod, a lighter, a watch, a tent, and a book.

Sanghoon) I’ll choose Chanyong. He’s strong. I would take a knife, food, medicine, water, and a lighter.

10. Is there anywhere you want to visit (for vacation)?

Minwoo) The Phi Phi Islands. One day, alone or with someone special, I definitely want to travel there.

Rokhyun) Switzerland, Sydney, and Guam. I really want to visit these three places. But to be honest, whatever the location, I like traveling.

Jonghwan) Australia and Japan.

Chanyong) I would like to go to the United States or the United Kingdom.

Changbum) I would like to visit Japan.

Hyukjin) Busan. Because Busan is my hometown, I would like to spend some time with my family there.

Sanghoon) A trip to Europe!

11. What are some funny habits the members have that fans don't know about?

Minwoo) Sometimes I fall off my bed while sleeping. When that happens, I’m so embarrassed that I just go back to bed quietly. It’s the first time I have confessed this. No one knows.

Rokhyun) I don’t think it’s weird, but when I go for a walk, I like to stop for a while to look at the sky and clouds. To be honest, I don’t particularly have any fun hobbies.

Jonghwan) I like swimming.

Chanyong) I like touching my eyebrows.

Changbum) I like playing FPS games with Chanyong.

Hyukjin) I like imitating funny pictures.

Sanghoon) As I said earlier, I like exercising.

Don't forget to check out 100% "Want U Back" hot music video!



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