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[MANGA/ANIME] Fruits Basket


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Guest 10ODeGrEeS FoBBO01

Nahh Yuki doesn't love Tohru. Not like that anyways, it's all about *Machi* :P

reallY? but then..in the..forgot which volume but yuki was like..whisper to tohru saying "I Love You" and then he was like Someday when I open the closed lid or something like tat..and he's like wat will I lose..and all...and the dvd..u can tell tat he likes her..lol..well hmm...

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Guest wei_juin

I LOOOVE it. I've only watched the anime though. I've yet to read the manga. ^_^

if you like the anime.. you should read the manga... it's better and VERY good...

Just finish reading chapters 96-98.. it's SO good... can't wait for the next chapter...

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Guest nycstrawberri21

to clarify... Yuiki sees Tohru as a mother figure since his mother (parents) sold him to akito so they can live is luxury (see they are lousy parents)

It's Yuki and Machi all the way!

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Guest . . : : Snow Fall : : . .

I really didn't bother to read the manga before, but I'm starting to and I love it! I was thinking it'll be a little plain, but it was quite enjoyable because it went to a lot more detail..and i have to say, it's a lot more funnier. :lol:

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Guest photodaisy

Ahhh...FRUITS BASKET! I haven't read the manga yet...I've heard it goes deeper into plot, eh? Yep, well I've seen all of the episodes which were muy adorable. I love Kyo the best...

w00t, I REALLY do need to get the manga because I don't know who this Machi character is and I heard there was this other character for Haru and OMG...I'll get it at Walmart...can't believe they sell it at Wal-mart. :P

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Guest colourfulhearts


>< ... i dont like rin cuz shes my love rival >=/ ..LOL

do you know about akito???? .... and shigure :o

TT_TT i just finished watching the anime...and I cried...lolz...i'm so hopeless at these kind of animes...poor Kyo...

BUT! nevertheless this is a great anime...so I'm happy...^__^

i cried thoughout the whole last chapter ...>< my bro was sitting next to me giving me weird looks.... gaaah...

Hatsuharu<3 :D

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Guest star13732

I think that it is one of the BEST manga I ever read....I like Inu Yashi and Naroto~Evem tho I cant spell(sorry) :lol:

Also I think they are a cute couple :P O well :D

Gtg :rolleyes:


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