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Sulli Reveals and Talks about Hardships of Having Aquaphobia

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f(x)'s maknae Sulli confessed that she has aquaphobia, or a fear of water.

A short preview of the upcoming "Amazing f(x)" show that will air on May 28 on MBC Music has been aired.

"Amazing f(x)" is a reality show where the members of f(x) set forth to do the things on their bucket list in New Zealand.

The first episode will reveal why the members of f(x) chose New Zealand and how each of them prepare for the trip. It also shows how each member came up with their bucket list as well as their own worries and dilemmas.

During this time, Sulli admitted that she has aquaphobia due to a traumatic childhood experience. She revealed that because of this fear, there have been hardships in her daily routine as well as broadcast activities.

Sulli listed scubadiving as one of her bucket list items with a strong determination to get over her aquaphobia.

Good luck Sulli!

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