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[Recap] It's Better With Just Two – We Got Married 05.18.13

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If you missed it, here is last week's WGM recap: The Things We Do For Love.

On this week's episode of "We Got Married", the 91 Line takes over Go Jun Hee's surprise birthday party for Jinwoon, Taemin makes Son Na Eun blush, and Jo Jung Chi and Jung In shoot their first commercial together.

It's better with just two - This is your weekly Soompi WGM recap.


Go Jun Hee got everything she wanted when she asked her husband's friends to help with the surprise party. The infamous 91 Line came to help and easily made her feel comfortable. Perhaps a little too comfortable. At some point it looked like they forgot that Go Jun Hee is an actress, not an idol. They forgot that she's actually twenty-seven years old, not twenty-one. In the spirit of helping her, they seemed oblivious that she was uncomfortable and embarrassed.

How was she going to tell those excited kids how she felt? They told her that it was what her husband wanted, and Go Jun Hee wanted the best birthday party for Jinwoon. At least she knows now what idols can and will do for the sake of entertainment. What matters most is that Jinwoon absolutely loved it.


After practicing Jinwoon's birthday show and preparing the cake, they turn off the light to surprise Jinwoon. He comes in, and yes he is very surprised. Then he becomes awkward, so awkward his friends start to wonder if anything happened.

Something had happen. Go Jun Hee really wanted to make sure that he would never guess that she planned something for him so she ignored his texts and acted cold to him for a very long time. Too long of a time. She is quite devoted to her surprises. 



Key, Nicole, and Mir were so excited to help Go Jun Hee and celebrate with Jinwoon that they forgot just what kind of couple the two were. Jinwoon was not going to let the fact that his friends were in the room stop him from expressing his affection to his cute wife.

No one likes being a third, fourth, or fifth wheel so after laughing and joking around, the three left the couple to act all lovey-dovey by themselves. They could not just leave without causing one last act of mischief, which was to ask if Jinwoon knew Go Jun Hee's Birthday.


He does...right? Right?


He doesn't. After all that his wife did for him, preparing this a month in advance, he cannot remember his wife's birthday. Does he even know how old she is? Her favorite color? Jinwoon better step it up a notch if he wants to be a good husband.

Go Jun Hee had every right to be very angry but instead, she is gracious and forgives Jinwoon rather easily.  At least now she can expect something great to happen on her birthday. He would have to do spectacularly well after getting caught not knowing it. Maybe he could invite the 91 line again....or not. Probably not. Don't do it, Jinwoon.



Taemin and Son Na Eun continue their uniform date and go to a special place for their second date. The place that Taemin wisely chose was...Myeongdong.

Myeongdong. Really, Taemin, Really? The shopping district is super crowded, even where there aren't any celebrities. Did it not occur to you that if you took Son Na Eun there, then hundreds of people would swarm and follow you for the entire date? How were you expecting to have an intimate date with your wife when you have a hundred Samsung Galaxies recording your every move. So far, Taemin has not done a great job of picking his date locations.


Minho hyung is watching and judging you right now.


Despite the chaos of the crowd the two manage to have a very cute date. They get to do all the things normal couples do that they had never done before, such as getting couple hats, socks, and cellphone covers. They might as well have coordinated an entire outfit that night.

This couple is sweet not because they are both adorable, but because everything is a first to them. Since they became idols relatively young, they hadn't had a chance to do all the fun and romantic things that a normal couple goes through. So what if the cellphone cases they got were enormous and a little tacky? They finally were able to share and do all the lovely couple things.


Taemin like to pretend that he is Jekyll and Hyde. Taemin and Taeman. Sometimes he is berating himself for the awkward way he put his arm around her, and then the other times he's coyly asking Son Na Eun questions that make her blush.

Sometimes he does something that is a little bit of both. He confessed that he searched her name on the internet and then clenched his fists tightly when he talked about seeing a picture of her in a wedding dress with another man. He knows it was just a job and his name will turn up some interesting gossip, but as her husband he cannot help but get a little upset.


You will have your turn, Taemin, just wait.


Son Na Eun may be getting a lot of lash for being Taemin's wife but she is being a good sport about it. If anything, Taemin is the lucky one because she just looks so pretty in this show. Maybe it is the glow from experiencing her first relationship or she is trying extra hard to impress her husband, but she is more than A Pink's visual here. She radiates innocent beauty.

Her shyness just makes her cuter. When Taemin teases her about this and that, she laughs and then blushes. When she propose something sweet, so sweet that Taemin almost chokes on his water, she can't even meet his eyes. 


Young love sure is sweet.


Personal confession: I hate the "gwiyomi" song. There is nothing dignified or actually cute about that wretched song. However, Jung In and Jo Jung Chi's version is quite endearing. I enjoyed their twist to it.

Unfortunately it probably won't ever be as popular as the original. A shame, really.


This real life couple will be starring in their first commercial together. Naturally, this is very exciting for them. They are not like their idol counter parts who must do at least one chicken commercial during their careers. Since they are musicians, they practice their acting skills on each other.

They should probably stick to making beautiful music.


The things we do for beauty! Jung In had more fun putting it on than Jo Jung Chi had lying down, but it must have been relaxing. At least until she started peeling it off, taking his hair with it.

Idols would never do this. Let us take this moment to be thankful to Jo Jung Chi for not being camera shy, at all.


The day of the shooting is here and the couple is really excited. They look great, especially after what we saw before, as the makeup and hair team works their magic on them. Jung In looks adorable in that blue dress. So what will they do for this washing machine commercial? Play music to the beat of the washing machine rumble? Laugh gaily in their picture perfect house?

How about getting soaked to the bone in a house that rains in the inside? After being promised that it would be naught but just a drizzle, their director feels the need for the dramatics and turns on a typhoon on the set. Well, at least they will never forget this experience!


That's all for this recap! What did you think of the episode. Share yours thoughts below!

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