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MBC Music Core 05.18.13 - B1A4 Takes Their First Ever Music Show Win

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Congratulations to B1A4 for taking their first ever music show win! Their latest track "What's Happening?" takes the win this week!

After hearing that they won over Hyori's pre-comeback song, the B1A4 members are speechless and crying. It was a very emotional first win.

Fun Fact: It has been over a year since a boy group won a music show for the first time.

(press "play" on the top right of the image to watch winning clip )


This week's biggest comeback performances were by veteran group Shinhwa and the hot mature group 2PM. More new music this week was performed by Vibe, Seo In Young, Wonderboyz and Zia & Hanbyul.

♬ Comeback Stage
Shinhwa - "Geurae" &"This Love"
2PM - "Comeback when you hear this song" - "A.D.T.O.Y."
VIBE - "For the last time" - "Getting to this age"
Seo In-young - "Let's Break up"

♬ HOT Stage
SHNIee - "Why So Serious?"
B1A4 - "What's Happening?"
4minute - "What's your name?"
SECRET - "YooHoo"
Roy Kim - "Bom Bom Bom"

♬ Volume UP Stage
T-ara N4(feat. SPEED Taewoon) - "Jeon Won Diary"
Juniel - "Pretty boy"
HelloVenus - "Would you Like Tea?"
C-CLOWN - "Shaking Heart"

♬ New Song
WonderBoys - "TARZAN"
Zia & Hanbyul - "With Coffee"


*Individual performances will be added as they become available.








Seo In Young

Roy Kim

T-Ara N4



Hello Venus

Zia & Hanbyul


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