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Girls' Generation Sunny Reveals Her Purple Hair


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An online community page recently posted several pictures of Girls’ Generation’s Sunny with purple hair and titled it, “Sunny looking awkward with purple hair.” In the pictures, the singer has a short-cut hairstyle with the top part colored in purple, and the bottom in pink.

Even though the title of the picture said that Sunny’s hair looked awkward, the reactions from the netizens were the opposite in which they expressed that the color added more cuteness and that the singer looked absolutely adorable. The comments included, “She looks like a living doll,” “Her purple hair is so cute!,” “Does the have the right to be that cute?,” “Her hair is not awkward at all. Why is it called that way?”

We think only Sunny would be able to pull off a style as radical as this - who else would you like to see in purple hair?


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