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Go Ara is a Sexy Lady in Leather at "Dangerous Liaisons" VIP Preview


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On October 10, model and actress Go Ara made an appearance at the VIP preview of new film “Dangerous Liaisons” starring Jang Dong Gun, Zhang Ziyi, and Cecilia Cheung which was held at the Yeouido CGV theater in Seoul.  

“Dangerous Liaisons” is an adaptation of the French novel of the same title, and is set in glamorous Shanghai in the 1930s.  Xie Yifan is a rich playboy who engages in a wager with social butterfly Mo Jieyu.  At a social event, Mo Jieyu, in the past content with flirting but never giving in to his charms, offers to give herself to him if he is able to seduce the 16-year old fiancée Beibei of her former lover.   Xie Yifan ups the ante and offers to seduce the innocent Beibei and his second cousin widow Du Fenyu.  Jang Dong Gun plays playboy Xie Yifan who plays with the hearts of others while trying to avoid getting played.  Cecilia Cheung plays Mo Jieyu who uses her tempting beauty to manipulate others.  Zhang Ziyi plays second cousin and widow Du Fenyu who falls for Xie Yifan. 

“Dangerous Liaisons” will be released on October 11. 

You can watch the trailer on Soompi!  

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