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Mnet M! Countdown - June 7, 2012

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This week's M! Countdown opened up with Infinite recieving their trophy from last week's win, and they did not disappoint this week either, winning Song of the week for the second week in a row!

Juniel made her Korean debut and got a little help from CN Blue's Yonghwa. U-Kiss came back with a new song along and so did Dal Shabet, MYNAME, and B1A4, while comical duo Hyungdong & Daejun brought many laughs from the crowd tonight.

Teasers for Boyfriend's and f(x)'s comebacks were also shown!

Performances tonight included: JJ Project, A-Jax, EXO-K, VIXX, Heo Young Saeng, B.A.P, 50kg, G.NA, M.I.B, A Pink, and Baek Ji young!

Song of the week

Infinite "The Chaser"

B1A4 "Baby Good Night"

G.NA "2Hot"

U-Kiss "Believe"

A-Jax "Never let go" and "One 4 U"


Juniel "Love fool" and "Illa Illa"

VIXX "Super Hero"

Heo Young Saeng "Crying"

MYNAME "Hello & Goodbye"

Dal Shabet "come closer" and "Mr. Bang Bang"

B.A.P "Power"

A Pink "Hush"


JJ Project "Bounce"

vid credit: KoreanMusicTvLive @yt

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