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Brown Eyed Girls Ga In "For You Not to Know" MV

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The music video was released for Brown Eyed GirlsGa In’s version of “For You Not to Know.” This song is a part of the famous producer Yoon Il Sang’s 21th anniversary album. “For You Not to Know” was written by Yoon Il Sang. It was the debut single for the female duo “As One.”

The background sound is a combination of a sad piano and string instruments. This song has now been remade into a ballad that features Ga In’s husky voice and strong vocals. The beginning of the song shows Ga In holding back and restraining her voice. However, as the song progresses Ga In shows her talents in vocal expression. The effect makes the song have a stronger impact.

Here Is Ga In’s MV:

Here Is As One’s version:

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