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Block B's Zico Responds to Songs Being Banned

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Block B revealed their candid thoughts in relation to deliberations over two of their latest songs.

On February 1, a press conference was held to commemorate Block B’s latest release. During the event the group put on a powerful performance to kick-off promotions for their second mini-album, “Welcome to the Block.” Directly afterwards Block B fielded questions from the press. It was during the interview session that leader, Zico, had the opportunity to respond to the recent banning issue.

Upon the release of their comeback album, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (also known as the MOGEF) has made the decision to ban a handful of the group’s songs. Two of the songs in question, “LOL” and “Did You Or Did You Not,” have been banned by both the MOGEF as well as KBS. When KBS representatives heard the songs they immediately deemed the songs to be vulgar and inappropriate. The group has had issues with songs being banned in the past. They had to re-release their debut song, "Freeze," with edited lyrics.

Zico, who was in charge of the new album, had this to say about the controversy, “It isn’t that we don’t keep in mind the regulations when we write songs, though I did feel at times that our creative freedom of expression was being suppressed. Yet, I do take responsibility, as a producer of music meant for public consumption, for not paying closer attention to the rules and regulations in place.”

He followed up by saying, “I still have the feelings of disappointment, but I will not remain carelessly obstinate. Going forward, I will try my best to protect Block B’s color. While our music is meant to be enjoyed by the public, so I will make attempts to consider that aspect and make adjustments to cater better to their tastes, while we remain true to ourselves.”

Block B plans to roll-out full-fledged promotions for their album and title track “NalinA.”

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