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"Shut Up: Flower Boy Band" Holds Press Conference

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"Shut Up: Flower Boy Band" intends to crack the existing formula of "flower boy" drama.

On January 25, tvN held a press conference at the CGV Cheongdam Cine City for their upcoming drama, “Shut Up: Flower Boy Band." During the press conference, Lee Kwon was proudly revealed as the drama’s director.

Lee Kwon received attention for directing the movie “Attack on the Pin-Up Boys” in 2007. Kwon shared his thoughts on the drama with the media, “In a lot of dramas lately handsome actors have been the main draw, yet with this series we will make the distinction that this is a drama and not a fantasy. I want it to be based on fact in the sense of what it is like to actually live Korea. It is a tricky achievement which only works when the cultural along and artistic side comes together. My solution is to focus on the character’s growth and development.”

Even though the drama is following in the footsteps of tvN’s previous successful drama, “Flower Boy Ramen Shop,” it aims to set itself apart from other series in the genre. Of course the drama will feature handsome actors, but they are not simply ‘eye candy’. Instead of the typical high school band romance, the members of the rival bands, Eye Candy and Strawberry Fields, will compete as they strive to capture the true energy of rock music. The actors will show growth as they go through the drama searching for friendship, love, and most importantly they will discover the passion for music.

“Shut Up: Flower Boy Band” features a fairly young cast. Those making up the cast are Lee Min Ki, Sung Joon, Jung Ui Chul, Infinite’s L, Yoo Min Kyu, Kim Min Sook, Jo Boa. The drama is scheduled to begin airing on January 30.

In the meantime enjoy some photos taken during the press conference.

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