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JYP to Take "Someday" Plagiarism Accusation to Court

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It seems like JYP will end up in court due to allegations of plagiarisms from Kim Shin Ill.

The Seoul Central Courts revealed that Kim Shin Ill will be suing JYP, demanding compensation for damages due to an apparent plagiarism. This court case will take place on February 8.

Both parties have met previously but could not come to a comprise or a conclusion. Witnesses were present as both parties exchanged their arguments. On JYP's side was the famous composer, Kim Hyung Suk (composed for JYP, Kim Gun Mo, Park Jung Hyun, Sung Si Kyung, Uhm Jung Hwa, and many more) and on Kim Shin Ill's side was Jo Han Sun, a professor at the Seoul Arts University and the Baekseok Arts University.

Kim Shin Ill spoke with Star News and said, "We tried to settle this matter but we could not come to a final conclusion. I am willing to come to a mutual consent but the other party does not seem that way."

JYP continues to deny the charges of plagiarism while Kim Shin Ill demands that JYP registers the song under his name as well. Sources from JYP Entertainment say, "We will make no changes to our stance."

The song in question is "Someday," which was composed and produced by JYP. It became popular for being on the OST of the drama "Dream High." Kim Shin Ill is accusing "Someday" to be plagiarized from his song "To My Man," which was written for a singer named Ash. Kim Shin Ill is asking for 110 million won (about $100,000 USD) for compensation.

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