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Kim Ha Neul and Jang Geun Suk's Airport Fashion

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On January 18, actors Jang Geun Suk and Kim Ha Neul, who are co-starring in the movie "You're My Pet," were seen at the Kimpo Airport leaving for Japan.

Jang Geun Suk was seen in quite the fashionable outfit. His all black outfit was interrupted by a unique leopard print shirt that had a pair of juicy red lips on the front. The shiny leather bookbag, which is another fashionista item, along with his cool black shades, completed his rocker style.

Actress Kim Ha Neul looked very feminine in her airport attire, wearing a beige mustang jacket and a white T-shirt paired with a pair of pretty-blue skinny jeans. Instead of sunglasses, Ha Neul opted for a beanie hat to complete her look, and used a black embossed bag to add some chicness. The "kill heels" she's wearing attract attention too, not just for their mere size but also for the unique leopard print pattern. Her makeup was kept to a bare minimum, radiating her natural beauty.

The two stars looked well and excited at the airport. They smiled for the flashing cameras and waved at the fans on the sideline. Jang Geun Suk especially gave excellent service to his fans, holding their hands in greeting and taking off his sunglasses to look them in the eyes. He showed off his pretty boy charm and made his fans very happy.

Kim Ha Neul and Jang Geun Suk will be promoting their movie "You're My Pet" in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka in Japan. And for the "You're My Pet" opening in Japan, Jang Geun Suk has prepared a special performance. Because Kim Ha Neul is involved in this as well, the performance has captured many fans' attention.

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