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"Dream High 2" Holds Press Conference

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Earlier today, the cast of “Dream High 2” gathered at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul for the press conference for their upcoming drama. 

During the press conference, 2AM's Jin Woon stated, "It's my first time acting, and I'm a bit awkward. However, everyone around me has been helping me, so I'm slowly trying to get the hang of it." When asked if he would accept a role for the third season if there is to be one, he asnwered, "I would be grateful if I would get another opportunity to act. While I am a singer, I don't want to be restricted. It woud be nice to pursue both." 

Park Jin Young reprises his role as one of the teachers at Kirin Arts High School, which is in dire financial situation and in danger of shutting down. For the second season, he will play Mr. Yang Jin Man, an English teacher at KAHS who still dreams of debuting as a music artist. Park Jin Young confessed, "To be honest, when I was nominated for the '2011 KBS Drama Awards' Rookie Actor Award, I figured I would get it because I was in the midst of filming 'Dream High 2.' I thought maybe they would take that into consideration and give me the honor. However, that didn't happen." He added, "While I didn't get it, I was happy that my co-stars Kim Soo Hyun, miss A's Suzy, and others won." 

Rookie actor Park Seo Joon revealed his thoughts on being called "the next Kim Soo Hyun." He said, "When they [fans] call me 'the next Kim Soo Hyun,' it means they already have such high hopes and expecatations. And for that, I'm very grateful. However, my role and Kim Soo Hyun's role are completely different, they are different characters. I hope to show viewers another side." 

When asked what his charms were, newbie JB answered, "The director told me he cast me after he saw me dance, but I think he was just being nice." Kim Jung Tae, who plays the principal of KAHS, added, "He's giving you a modest answer. I bet you all our female viewers under 19 will fall head-over-heels for JB after the first episode." He continued, "JB is very manly, and he dances extremely well."  

The six leads – 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon, T-ara’s Park Ji YeonSISTAR’s Hyorin, Kang So Ra, JB, Park Seo Joon – and extended cast members Park Jin Young, Yoo So Young, Kim Ji SooJr.AileeJung Yeon Ju, Kim Jung Tae, Kwon Hae HyoChoi Yeo Jin, and After School’s Kahi attended the event.

The second season will showcase the fierce music/dance battles between the top idol stars and the school's troubled students. 

“Dream High 2” will air its pilot episode on January 30. 

Six leads: Jung Jin Woon, Kang So Ra, Hyorin, JB, Park Ji Yeon, Park Seo Joon

"Top" idols:  Park Seo Joon, Ailee, Hyorin, Park Ji Yeon, JB

Popular girl group Hershe: Ailee, Hyorin, and Park Ji Yeon

Kirin Arts High School faculty: Park Jin Young, Kahi, Choi Yeo Jin, Kim Jung Tae

Group photo of cast

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