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Hwang Jung Eum Stuffs Her Face with Food in Evening Gown

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Screen captures of Hwang Jung Eum stuffing her face while in her evening gown has been taken.

On an episode of "Star Life Theater" on January 11, footage of Hwang Jung Eum getting ready for the 2011 MBC Drama Awards was released. Hwang Jung Eum was getting her hair and make-up done and wore a glamorous evening gown. She said, "I don't think this dress is right for me. It's pretty but it's uncomfortable. It's pretty but I think I know why people don't wear these things all the time. They're just around to be worn once a year."

On that day, Hwang Jung Eum won the Second Prize. On her way home, still in her evening gown apparel, she was stuffing her face with food. She said, "I didn't even know I was hungry but after the ceremony ended, I was so famished that I got cranky. My prize can wait - I'm starving!"


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