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Big Bang's Comeback Imminent?

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Even fans of YG Entertainment admit that the company is a "notorious troll' when it comes to sticking to a set schedule. Comebacks are usually met with several delays before the ball finally gets rolling, so fans might be surprised to hear that Big Bang's March comeback might be happening earlier than planned. 

In a recent interview, Taeyang recently revealed, "We're planning to hold our 'Big Show' concert in March, and release an official album or maybe a mini-album around then. It hasn't been decided yet." 

Although March was the initial date revealed, industry officials have picked up on some movements being made by the company that might be hinting at an earlier album release date for fans. 

For example, officials noticed that YG Entertainment has been rushing to hire music video directors for the new album, and have enlisted all of their staff members in its production. 

Considering the fact that the five members have already produced several songs during their hiatus already, they shouldn't have too much left to complete in order to finalize their plans. 

So what are the officials predicting? 

If things pan out to their predictions, fans can look forward to an album release as early as mid February, making it a 10 month turnaround since their comeback last year. 

Whatever the case, the anticipation remains the same!

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