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JYP: "I Would Be a Millionaire Had the Wonder Girls Stayed in Korea"

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JYP Entertainment's producer Park Jin Young started off the New Year with a truthful confession regarding the Wonder Girls' career in America. 

Through his Me2day, he expressed, "If the Wonder Girls and I never challenged ourselves by going into the American market, I'd be a millionaire by now, and the Wonder Girls would be much more popular in Korea than they are now. But like fools, we left Korea to embark on a journey that made sense to no one."

"This year, the fruit of our long labor will finally be born. If we do well, we will earn results that any company or celebrity in Asia could have achieved, and if we don't do well, we may as well have lost our money and popularity. Will we regret it if we don't do well? Even if we lose millions and our popularity because of the challenge, we earned wisdom through our experience in working in the world's biggest music market for several years. True wisdom is only earned by challenging yourself to the possible." 

"Ever since the past, I've always known how and what to do to earn money and popularity, but I always walked the opposite path. Money and popularity can leave you like the wind, but wisdom is what protects me and my children. I hope that my artists grow to become intelligent people, not successful celebrities. In order for this to happen, wisdom must be earned through various challenges while they're still young. That is why I'm looking forward to the Wonder Girls' future 20 years from now."

"I don't know whether they'll still be celebrities then, but I'm sure that they will live happy and amazing lives through the wisdom they earned now, moreso than any other celebrity. Our goal is not money or popularity, but wisdom. How do you know? Maybe after a while, money and popularity might follow. I ask that you watch over us and give us your support."

What is your take on this? Was it foolish of him to take the Wonder Girls overseas?

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