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Hyori Makes First Public Appearance since Admitting Relationship

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On December 12, Lee Hyori made her first public appearance since admitting to her relationship with Lee Sang Soon last month. She was picked as one of the 33 “People That Made the World Brighter in 2011,” organized by the “Korea Green Foundation.” Other notable winners of today's award include, Ulala Session, Kim Tae Won, and Park Jin Hee.

Hyori made her way to the press conference smiling, but she declined to answer any questions regarding her relationship. “It feels awkward to receive this kind of award here today. I’m actually a bit ashamed to receive the same award as these great people,” she said.

“I just started to pay attention to the people in need from this year, so I’m just very thankful for giving me this great prize. I’ll continue to work hard to help the needy people and abandoned animal,” she added.

“If I brightened the world with my beauty in the past, I’ll try to make this world a brighter place with my beautiful heart moving forward,” Hyori said as one of the contestants yelled, “Beautiful Hyori~Beautiful!”

Hyori has actually adopted an abandoned animal in the past and actively publicized how to help support those animals through her massive influence in the SNS world. She also recently donated approximately $100,000 USD to the Animal Shelters and has been one of the most vocal activists for animal rights.

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