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JYP Expands Acting Career: Cast in New Movie “Five Million Dollar Man”

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Park Jin Young, the founder and head of JYP Entertainment, has been cast in the upcoming movie, “Five Million Dollar Man,” as he continues to expand his acting career.

On December 7, Park Jin Young wrote on his me2day, “I’ve been cast in the film ‘Five Million Dollar Man.’ The film is about a salary man that handles corporate lobby and how he gets involved in corrupted deals. The script was written by Chun Sung Il, who also wrote the drama ‘Chuno.’ He said he wrote it with me in mind, and it was really fun reading it, so I decided to take the lead role.”

He continued, “From the beginning to the end, there’s nonstop suspense and tension, with life’s sorrow and anguish, as well as black comedy all mixed in together. Think about a dad who worked as a regular salary man all his life. Min Hyo Rin, Cho Sung Ha, and Cho Hee Bong will join the movie. I’m really excited to work with these great actors. I’m not that good but will do my best.”

“I’m sorry there won’t be my year-end concert. Instead, I’ll return your love with a great movie in the first half of next year,” he added.

Park Jin Young will play the lead role that aspires to be a singer. This is his second acting gig since the successful acting debut he had with KBS drama “Dream High” last year. The movie will start filming on December 11 and be released in the first half of next year.

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