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Who Wore It Better: Go Hyun Jung vs. Kim Hye Soo

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Top actresses Go Hyun Jung and Kim Hye Soo are garnering attention for wearing the same outfit.

The outfit that the female stars wore is a “Donna Karan” black jacket and skirt. The shawl collar gives a focus point on the emphasized waistline while the skirt ruffles highlight the wearer’s bodylines.

Go Hyun Jung wore the outfit at the fashion show of “Donna Karan” on September. The navy blue clothing brought out her pale skin. The high waist skirt displayed her curvaceous body, and her voluminous hair was simple and clean. The makeup added onto her usual charismatic beauty.

Kim Hye Soo was seen wearing the clothing at Paris, France for “2011 Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo” in March. Shorthaired Kim Hye Soo naturally put her hair to the side and accessorized with a leopard print clutch and shoes for emphasis. She gained interest with her usual confident expression and smile.

So what do you think? Who do you think wore better, Go Hyun Jung or Kim Hye Soo? Let us know!

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