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Various Enlisted Stars Spotted at Incheon Airport

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Many popular male stars, including Lee Jun Ki, Lee Dong Gun, Park Hyo Shin, Shinhwa's Andy and Epik High's Mithra are leaving Korea to go to Jakarta, Indonesia. Korea's Defense Department, which exports submarines to Indonesia, is sending the soldiers there to participate in Korean cultural events.

On October 1, these stars were spotted at the Incheon Airport in military apparel. Although this is one of their first military duties out of the country in a long time, they didn't appear nervous or tense. Some of them even had small smiles on their faces as they entered the scene. They were there not as Hallyu stars, but as real soldiers in the Korean military.

Their military uniforms suited them well. Clad in short sleeve uniform shirts, dark military pants and barets, they looked like real military personnel. They walked with straight and proper posture. There’s just something attractive about a man in uniform, eh?

Although there was a 50 year Armed Forces broadcasting anniversary special the night before, none of them appeared tired. All appeared healthy and in bold spirits.

The male stars' popularity hasn't died down since they entered the military. Stars such as Lee Jun Ki and Andy, who are Hallyu stars, received more attention. Fans from all over Asia gathered to chant the names of their favorite celebrities as they stood at the airport terminal. Many of them took pictures on their cellphones. Several stars received presents from numerous fans, which they accepted gratefully. And of course, they didn't forget to express their gratitude. They smiled as they left the airport, ready for departure.

Lee Junki, Andy, Mithra, Lee Dong Gun, and Park Hyo Shin will fulfill their military duties in Indonesia's capital, performing various tasks. Until we see them again, may they be in good health and spirits!

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