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Rain Holds His Last Concerts Before Military Service


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Singer Rain held a touching performance at his "Rain: The Best Show" concert. His fans held tears back as they watched him passionately perform for them at his last concert before his obligatory military service. The thought of not being able to see the sexy Hallyu star for two long years brought tears to their eyes.

On September 24 at Bangyi Dong Olympic Gymnastics Hall in Seoul, Rain held the 2011 "Rain: The Best Show" concert. Because it is his last concert for a long time, fans were ecstatic and overjoyed. Approximately 10,000 fans from all over Japan, China, and Korea crowded in to see him.

The performance was delayed for 20 minutes. The fans patiently waited for him, chanting "Jung Ji Hoon" and "Rain".

Rain's first song was "Hip Song". Dressed up in a golden costume, he attracted all the light and attention. Afterwards, he performed dance songs "Touch Ya" and "You". With his powerful and passionate voice, he swept the entire audience away.

After performing the songs, Rain said, "I want to thank everyone for coming to this concert. It's a little different from the shows I've had in that it focuses more on the songs. I hope we can all have a great time together." 

Rain kept fans on their toes with his sexy and charming appeal. He performed "In My Bed" on a chair, (always sexy) and put his heart and soul into singing "How to Avoid the Sun" and "Only You".

For the song "I Like You Again", he danced with sexy female dancers to give an eye popping performance. Fans stood up as they listened to him sing "How to Avoid the Sun" and followed along as he sang the words. The singer and the audience were united as one.

Boosted up by the fans' excitement, Rain delivered excellent fan service. One Japanese fan went up on stage and sang "My Girl" with him! She was the only person to be given a teddy bear and a bouquet of flowers as well! The others were very envious. Who wouldn't be?

Rain also told his fans some choreography moves from "Only You" and "Fresh Woman". They raised their left hands in the air, followed by their right hands, and danced along with him.

The last few songs of his concert made a sad ending for his fans. After singing "It's Raining", bursts of crying sounds came from all over the stadium. Rain had an uneasy expression as he prepared to the end the night.

He said into the microphone, "It's been ten years since I've debuted. I had a lot of obstacles and difficult times. Instead of thinking, 'Why me?' I thought, 'What kind of great things are going to happen in the future?'. Thanks to that, I've been able to get past everything through the years." He received a round of applause.

To comfort the audience, he said, "There's something I've got to say. Sometimes when I'm driving around, other cars speed ahead of me or make me slow down. Right now, it's like that. There's a little bit of traffic here, but before you know it, this car will be speeding along again." (What a creative analogy.)

Even after the performance was over, fans didn't leave. Instead, they called out "Jung Ji Hoon" and "Encore". A few minutes later, Rain appeared back on stage.  He sang "Instead of Saying Goodbye". The lyrics "Just one small smile is enough" fit in perfectly with his situation as fans smiled throughout the stadium. Members of MBLAQ attended the concert as well to watch their teacher's last performance.

One Chinese fan (Jin Wae Jung) said, "I came with my German friend to this concert. We had been to several Rain concerts before but this was by far the best. I'm sad that he's leaving but I'm so happy that I could see this amazing performance before."

On October 11, Rain will enlist in the military. He will return, like all service members, after two years. We'll just have to patiently await our Hollywood/Hallyu superstar until then.

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