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SISTAR Talks About Stricter Standards in the Industry

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On August 30th, SISTAR appeared on YTN's "News & Issue, Issue & People" and talked about the harsher standards of evaluation that the music industry is undergoing.

The members were asked, "Because standards are getting a lot more strict lately, we heard that you had to switch up your choreography.  What happened with that?"

"We edited our dance about 10 times because of a particular part that was considered sexually suggestive.  We ended up with the 'neck dance', and fortunately, it's been receiving a positive response.  They're still a bit upset that they weren't able to see the original dance, though," said Hyorin.

The reporter continued, "There are a lot of restrictions being imposed on singers, so what's it like from the point of view of a singer?"

"We want to show a variety of images but because of the strict standards, it's greatly limited what we're able to show.  We do feel upset about it but we are trying our best to show as much as we possibly can.  I think if that we were allowed to show more things, other idols, not only ourselves, will largely benefit from it as well," Hyorin responded.

Dasom also said, "It feels really empty to be asked to change something you prepared spending all night up for because it's slightly sexually suggestive.  You come up with this image in your head as you come up with the choreography, and having to make changes ruins that image." 

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