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Hong Seok-cheon Rejected By 2PM's Junho

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On QTV’s “Woman That Chooses Ranking” (Season 4) Hong Seok-cheon revealed that he was rejected by 2PM’s Junho. Hong Seok-cheon had appeared on the show as Ahn Sun Young’s best “girl friend.”

The theme of the show was, “Who is the ‘woman that chooses ranking’ that you would not like to be friends with.”

Lee Hwi Jae asked Hong Seok-cheon if his offer of friendship had ever been rejected. Hong Seok-cheon answered, “I was rejected by 2PM’s Junho.”

Hong Seok-cheon had asked Junho to be friends as “older brother and little brother” (In South Korea, age difference is important and there are friends of the same age, and friends of different age are call each other “older brother, older sister, younger brother, and younger sister.”) Junho had replied, “Hyung, I think that would be a bit difficult.”

Lee Hwi Jae asked Hong Seok-cheon, “Are guys like Junho that have the ‘eye-smile’ your ideal guy?”

Hong Seok-cheon replied, “It doesn’t matter too much.” However, Ahn Sun Young remarked, “Hong Seok-cheon’s ex looked a lot like Junho.”

She also said, “I go to Hong Seok-cheon’s restaurant quite often and I see celebrities that are on secret dates. A lot of idols come to the restaurant these days and I really want to reveal who they are so much that it’s killing me.”
Hong Seok-cheon came out in 2002 and admitted that he was gay. Currently, he is also a very successful restaurant entrepreneur.

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