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Lee Si Young Reveals Cause of Makeup Malfunction, Results of Exercise Regimen


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Actress Lee Si Young recently suffered from a makeup malfunction after recent paparazzi photos surfaced in which her complexion appeared unusually blotchy.  She told KBS2's "Entertainment News" that "one of the staff members, who had always helped me with my makeup before, suddenly left for awhile.  I'd heard the powder I used for the finishing touch was good, so like an idiot, I put too much of it on."  She went on to say that she had examined herself in the mirror beforehand, but in dim lighting the makeup appeared undetectable.  So she went to the event, bulbs flashed, and hours later, the photographs were publisheds online.  Lee Si Young concluded good-naturedly, "I was humiliated by powder!" 

So just in case you were worried that Lee Si Young had been suffering from some kind of skin condition, fear not!  Anyway, we think the "powder incident" wasn't really that bad or humiliating.  Most women have experienced makeup mishaps before, like lipstick on the teeth, or runny mascara, or improperly blended foundation.  (On the other hand, we suppose most women don't have dozens of photographers recording their mistakes.)

We personally think Lee Si Young has better things to worry about: In the same interview, she also revealed that after a strict diet and exercise regimen, which included boxing, weight training, and Pilates, her body fat is only 4.7%.  (This is below the percentage level normally considered healthy for women.)  However, we don't want to judge too much, as she seems happy and otherwise healthy.  We would just advise her to not overdo the dieting and exercising -- and make sure someone else does her makeup!

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