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46th BaekSang Arts Awards Winners

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The annual event of 46th BaekSang Arts Awards ceremony took place on March 26 in Seoul Jang Choon Dong National Theater.

Winners list

★ Movie category

▲Daesang=Yoon JaeGyun (HaeWoonDae director)
▲Movie award= ‘National Representative’
▲Director award= Jang Hoon (Brothers)
▲Newcomer director= Lee HoJae (OPeration)
▲Best actor=Ha JungWoo (National Representative)
▲Best actress=Ha JiWon (My love, by my side)
▲Newcomer actor= Lee MinGi (HaeWoonDae)
▲Newcomer actress= Jo Ahn (Carrying a King Kong)
▲Scenario= Jang MinSeok (Brothers)
▲High1 Male artist Popularity award= Jang GeunSeok (Itaewoo homicide)
▲ High1 Female artist Popularity award= Choi KangHee (AeJa)

★ TV Category

▲DaeSang=Go HyunJung (MBC Queen SeonDeok)
▲Drama = KBS 2TV ‘IRIS’
▲Production (Culture)= MBC ‘Amazon’s Tears’
▲Production (Variety)=MBC ‘High Kick Through The Roof’
▲Appearance award= Go DongSeok (MBC Queen Of Housewives)
▲Newcomer= Yoo HyunGi (KBS 2TV God Of Study)
▲Best actor= Lee ByungHon (KBS 2TV IRIS)
▲Best actress= Kim NamJoo (MBC Queen Of Housewives)
▲Newcomer actor= Kim NamGil (MBC Queen SeonDeok)
▲Newcomer actress= Hwang JungEum (MBC High Kick Through The Roof)
▲TV Variety (male)= Park SeongHo (KBS 2TV Gag Concert)
▲TV Variety (female)= Kang YooMi, Ahn YeongMi (KBS 2TV Gag Concert)
▲Drama BonSang= Cheon SeongIl (KBS 2TV Chuno )
▲High1 Male artist popularity award= Lee SeungGi (SBS Brilliant Legacy)
▲High1 Female artist popularity award= YoonA(MBC Cinderella Man)

★ Special awards

▲Merit award= Bae SamRyong
▲In Style Award= Son YeJin

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