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2009 KBS Performance Awards Ceremony (KBS 연기대상, 12/31/2009)

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The Grand Award (대상)

Lee Byung Hun (이병헌) – IRIS (아이리스)


Top Excellence Award (최우수 연기상)

Son Hyun Joo (손현주) – Sons of the Sol Family Pharmacy (솔약국집 아들들)

Chae Shi Ra (채시라) – Empress Chunchoo (천추태후)

Excellence Award - Mini Series (우수 연기상 미니시리즈 수목)

Ji Jin Hee (지진희) – The Man Who Can’t Marry (결혼 못하는 남자)

Kim Ah Joong (김아중) – That Fool (그저 바라보다가)

Excellence Award – Mid-Length Drama (중편드라마)

Kim Seung Woo, Jung Joon Ho, Kim Tae Hee (김승우, 정준호, 김태희) – IRIS

Goo Hye Sun (구혜선) – Boys over Flower (꽃보다 남자)

Excellence Award – Long Drama (장편드라마)

Kim Suk Hoon (김석훈) – Empress Chunchoo (천추태후)

Yoo Sun (유선) - Sons of the Sol Family Pharmacy (솔약국집 아들들)

Supporting Actor (조연상)

Yoon Joo Sang (윤주상) – That Fool (그저 바라보다가)

Choi Chul Ho (최철호) – Partner (파트너)

New Actor (신인상)

Lee Min Ho (이민호) – Boys over Flower (꽃보다 남자)

Kim So Eun (김소은) – Boys over Flower (꽃보다 남자)

Young Actor (청소년 연기상)

Park Chang Ik (박창익) – The Cult of Yough (청춘예찬)

Park Eun Bin (박은빈) - Empress Chunchoo (천추태후)

Best Couple (베스트 커플상)

Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee (이병헌, 김태희)
Lee Min Ho, Goo Hye Sun (이민호, 구혜선)
Yoon Sang Hyun, Yoon Eun Hye (윤상현, 윤은혜)
Lee Bil Mo, Yoo Sun (이필모, 유선)

Netizen Award (네티즌상)

Lee Byung Hun (이병헌) – IRIS (아이리스)
Goo Hye Sun (구혜선) – Boys over Flower (꽃보다 남자)

Popularity Award (인기상)

Yoon Sang Hyun (윤상현) – Lady, Please (아가씨를 부탁해)
Yoon Eun Hye (윤은혜) – Lady, Please (아가씨를 부탁해)
Kim So Yun (김소연) – IRIS (아이리스)


Chae Shi Ra


Son Hyun Joo


Kim Suk Hoon



Kim Seung Woo, Jung Joon Ho


Kim Tae Hee, Goo Hye Sun


Ji Jin Hee, Kim Ah Joong


Oh Man Suk, Jo Ahn


Yoo Sun


Lee Min Ho




Kim So Eun



Park Eun Bin


Kim Sung Eun


Yoon Joo Sang, Choi Chul Ho


Yoon Sang Hyun, Yoon Eun Hye, Kim So Yun


Lee Da Hae, Tak Jae Hoon, Kim So Yun


Moon Chae Won


Ji Hyun Woo


Source: http://www.mydaily.co.kr/news/read.html?newsid=200901010051001113

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