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[Upcoming Movie 2016] Because I Love You 사랑하기 때문에

Guest MaknaeC

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Guest MaknaeC

Because I Love You


Title: Because I Love You

Revised Romanization: Saranghagi Ttaemoone

Hangul: 사랑하기 때문에

Genre: Fantasy Romance (Omnibus Format)

Director: Joo Ji Hong


Production Company: AD406

Distributor: Next Entertainment World

Official Website: 

Release Date: December


Language: Korean

Country : South Korea



Because I Love You is an omnibus fantasy romance movie about people who are clumsy in love.

Lee Hyeong (Cha Tae Hyun) is a talented songwriter. He happens to connect people who are not good with love. Those include Hyeong Gyeong (Seo Hyun Jin) who wants to become a singer, but she suffers from stage fright. Scully (Kim Yoo Jung) is a high school student who helps Lee Hyeong's spirit. Chan Young (Im Joo Hwan) is a colleague of Lee Hyeong and he likes Hyeong Gyeong, but in vain. (asianwiki)




  1. Movie is produced by AD406. The production company's president is Cha Ji-Hyun, older brother to actor Cha Tae-Hyun. This film is the second time the brothers have worked together. They previously worked together in movie "The Grand Heist."
  2. Filming begins July 27, 2015. 


1st Trailer 

Naver TV Cast : http://tvcast.naver.com/v/1168149




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Guest MaknaeC

Cha Tae Hyun is back in action with his brother for new film


Actor Cha Tae Hyun, who is starring on KBS 2TV drama 'Producer,' already has plans for a new movie with his older brother Cha Ji Hyun!

Earlier today, a rep from Cha Tae Hyun's agency Blossom Entertainment told My Daily, "Cha Tae Hyun has been confirmed for a role in upcoming film 'Because I Love You,' which is to be produced by Cha Ji Hyun's production company AD406."

Cha Tae Hyun is reuniting with his brother for this movie after their last collaboration on 'The Grand Heist,' a historical comedy film released a mere three years ago. 

The actor plans to enter filming for 'Because I Love You' beginning mid-July, but until then we can catch more of him on the popular drama 'Producer'!


source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/06/cha-tae-hyun-is-back-in-action-with-his-brother-for-new-film

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Guest MaknaeC

Kim Yoo Jung in Talks to Join Cha Tae Hyun’s New Film


Actress Kim Yoo Jung is currently in talks for a leading role in an upcoming film titled “Because I Love You.”

According to film industry insiders, Kim Yoo Jung is currently reviewing the prospects positively.

“Because I Love You” will be produced by production company AD406, known for their previous movies like “Gone With the Wind” (2012) and “A Hard Day” (2014). Actor Cha Tae Hyun, has already been confirmed to be the lead in the movie. His older brother Cha Ji Hyun is the CEO of the production company.

“Because I Love You” will be a fantasy romance film in omnibus format. It is slated to go into productions in July.

Source: (1) (2)

credit : soompi

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Guest MaknaeC

Kim Yoo Jung In Talks To Star With Cha Tae Hyun In Omnibus Film 'Because I Love You'


Herald Biz - Naver: [Exclusive] Kim Yoo Jung in talks to star in 'Because I Love You' with Cha Tae Hyun 

1. [+14,281, -145] She can't be playing his love interest, right?...ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+7,627, -340] Amazing that at such young age, Yoo Jung and So Hyun are already being acclaimed as good actressesㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎThey're both pretty!!!

3. [+5,843, -282] She and Jung Chang Wook really resemble each other... 

4. [+3,435, -273] Yoo Jung, hwaiting~!!

5. [+3,284, -307] Pretty. So pretty ㅋㅋ

6. [+496, -19] ?? There won't be a love line between Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung, right??

7. [+333, -17] People need to learn how to read. The film will be in omnibus format, so Cha Tae Hyun will probably be paired with another actress. He's old enough to be her father. Romance between the two is impossible

8. [+119, -5] It's probably gonna be a touching story between a father and daughter

9. [+65, -6] Please get a new coordi..

10. [+34, 0] Park Bo Young who's a '90-er played Cha Tae Hyun's daughter and  Yoo Jung, a '99-er as his love interest? ... Can't be... The production people aren't that thoughtless


source : kkuljaem

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News bites: July 12, 2015


Here’s a welcome casting addition to the Cha brothers’ upcoming film Because We Love: Sung Dong-il (It’s Okay It’s Love) is joining the omnibus fantasy romance that will star Cha Tae-hyun (The Producers) and will be produced by his elder brother Cha Ji-hyun. Kim Yoo-jung (Angry Mom) has also confirmed she’ll be in the movie about those who are uncomfortable with the idea of love, and filming will begin next month. [Osen]


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More castings announced for upcoming film BECAUSE I LOVE YOU (literal title) starring Cha Tae-Hyun. Now cast in the film are:

Seo Hyun-Jin
Kim You-Jung
Lim Ju-Hwan
Sun Woo Yong Nyeo
Park Geun-Hyung
Sung Dong-Il
Oh Na-Ra
Bae Sung-Woo
Kim Sa-Hee
Kim Yoon-Hye
Jang Do-Yoon

Story for BECAUSE I LOVE YOU has Cha Tae-Hyun playing a songwriter. He begins connecting people around him who are not so good in love. Filming for BECAUSE I LOVE YOU begins July 27, 2015 in South Korea.

AsianWiki FB

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Guest MaknaeC

Film 'Because I Love You' secures its star-studded cast including Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung, & more!


Upcoming film 'Because I Love You' is definitely one to look out for, with its awesome cast lineup!


'It's NEW's side confirmed their casting on July 21, revealing names like Cha Tae Hyun,Kim Yoo JungSung Dong IlPark Geun HyungSun Woo Yong NyuhBae Sung WooSeo Hyun JinIm Joo HwanOh Na RaKim Sa HweKim Yoon Hye, and Jang Do Yoon.


The movie is about a genius composer, played by Cha Tae Hyun, who becomes a love messenger, because of a coincidental accident. He's able to transfer his soul into the bodies of other people and with this power he helps those who are awkward when it comes to love.


Seo Hyun Jin plays an aspiring singer who's afraid of going on stage, and Kim Yoo Jung plays a student who helps Cha Tae Hyun's soul. Im Joo Hwan plays Cha Tae Hyun's co-worker and also has one-sided feelings for Seo Hyun Jin.


'Because I Love You' begins production on July 27!


via allkpop

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Guest MaknaeC

An illustration of Because I Love You, calendar from CGV.


cr : DC sunNmoon

center : Cha Tae Hyun - Kim Yoo Jung; top left : Seo Hyun Jin - Im Joo Hwan; bottom left : Sung Dong Il - Oh Na Ra; top right : Park Geun Hyung - Sun Woo Yong Nyeo. 

I'm not sure about the last picture.

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Guest MaknaeC


Kim Yoo Jung talked about 'Because I Love You' in her interview with SURE Magazine

Q : Your movie with Cha Tae Hyun-ssi, Because I Love You, when can we watch it?

KYJ : I heard it will be released on May. I came out as Cha Tae Hyun sunbaenim's best friend (on the movie).

Q : Cha Tae Hyun-ssi and Yoo Jung-ssi have quite age differences, right?

KYJ : The detail of the story is a secret. Anyway, the role that I'm playing is an unusual friend who is being possessed by spirit in the 4th dimension (?)

Source : ㅇㅇ-nim on you_r_love DC gall | Translated by : MaknaeCloud

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Oh favorite.. Kim Yoo Jung.  Very talented brilliant young actress (love her in DY, SG, AM etc) actually waiting for new drama.

On 1/22/2016 at 9:33 PM, MaknaeC said:

I heard it will be released on May. I came out as Cha Tae Hyun sunbaenim's best friend (on the movie).

 Okay, the lead stars are like "best friends" :D

Why is this a movie and not a drama?!?! Ha ha. But anyway hope to see a trailer. thanks @MaknaeC

@KSHxKYJ sissy, you looking forward to this, right. I know :D

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