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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] The Love Without A Trace 爱无痕

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Chinese title: 爱无痕 Ài wú hén
English title: The Love Without A Trace

Genre: Period, Romance 

Episodes: 26

Screenwriter: Mǎ Guǎngyuán

Director: Yǐn Tāo

Broadcast Period: 2015


Tong Liya

Yang Shuo

Tong Dawei

Peng Guanyin

Guan Yue



It’s the end of the Tang dynasty, and the country is in chaos. It’s the time of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, and the warlords fight for the throne. Tang Xiaocheng, the young master of a wealthy family, wanted to create a dream-like paradise for the girl of his dreams, Shen Lianxing. He gave up business for warfare, becoming enveloped in political machinations, but who could have foretold that in winning “all under heaven,” he lost the heart of his lover? Lianxing is unable to understand his idea of “using battles to end battles”; meanwhile, his actions sowed enmity made an enemy of his good friend Zhang Junxiang…

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