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[OFFICIAL] ☆WooJoo/YeonSo Couple☆ (Yoo Yeon Seok ♡ Kang SoRa)


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My shipper heart hurts so much! :tears: Why must they come to this??Waeee...:tears:




You liked me so much that I guess I became a good person.

Now I can think of how you might feel ahead of time.

I’ve been doing things on a whim and doing them my way.

I did whatever I wanted believing that you’ll still like me then.


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“Holding hands is a promise to one another that, for just a moment, the two of you don’t have to face the world alone.” - Baek Geon Woo & Lee Jeong Joo version. 

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Thank you @pandalover1 for posting these lovely gifs, makes me think of this very apt song for the WooJoo Couple! :wub:

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I love how our SoRa would update her IG pictures with YYS oppa... i envy her relationship with her co-star! lols

Just like Warmers, i would wish to see them cast together again in other project in future. WAC is ending soon and even though i didn't know how would the final 2 episodes end (meant about the storyline), i actually don't feel satisfied. Both YYS oppa and SoRa have great chemistry and it was such a waste that their characters get "blocked" so much in WAC. 

But so to say, our hero YYS oppa have such busy schedules since he had quite lots of movies to film. Hmm.. if it happens, it will take quite sometimes for us to see them in another project again. Let's pray Warmers! 

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@zurah90 I'm really hoping they'll get to work together in a new project! Hopefully a movie this time? Keke 

A movie project for Sora & Yeon Seok oppa will be fantastic! :w00t: :w00t:

But oh man this guy still has how many more movies to film? Are all his female co-stars confirmed for those movies? Can we hope that our Sora could be in one of them?

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No doubt uri GW is JJ's ultimate genie! He granted her wishes every time she needs it badly. From the 1st episode, JJ have her unique way of attitude. She denies the reality but she actually wants to own "it" (BGW). So she is actually the 1st one who played "the girl who cried wolf". Like how GW told her to get mad at him, he meant that he wants her attention. To wake up her senses to stop being a fool.

In BGW case, he kept everything to himself instead of telling his problems to LJJ because he doesn't want to hurt JJ's pride since he is at fault too being "the boy who cried wolf"! But as soon as he realizes his true feelings for her, in order to protect JJ, he rather hurts himself in process of his father's problems. He never get angry to JJ for being closer to Mayor Wook except for being a jealousy dude. Everytime when he tries to get angry with her, he tends to apologize to her since he didn't meant to. It's all out of jealousy. He did that on his will because he is a GOOD person afterall. He have to be a BAD person in order to realize his true feeling and because he is Baek Geun Woo!

Sometimes being bad could be a lesson of learning to be a good person! :)

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@zurah90 honestly speaking, i still haven't fully able to grasp and truly understand why JJ behaves in such a way. She's actually a hard character to crack compared to BGW he's very easy to read, maybe Hong Sis wrote her in such a way that we'll only understand her when the full picture is showed? I think LJJ is pretty realistic, too realistic and practical that she doesn't know how to dream. BGW taught her that it's ok to have dreams and pursue it! I think So Ji Sub's character had also gave a great impact on LJJ's growth and progress, her thinking is quite polarized and she believed that having dreams of a simple life is just being plain lazy. Because of him and BGW too she challenged herself to venture into the world of what she called 'unrealistic'. so from back then to now, she has changed alot.. LOL!

I'm sorry but can you explain to me why LJJ was the one who cried wolf first? don't quite understand.

BGW is always giving to LJJ that once i realized that why is LJJ only receiving and not giving, soon realized that her little act of kindness and words of encouragement were 'HUGE' to BGW, i guess it was overshadowed by BGW's actions that i didn't see it so clearly. But i'm really hoping in these last 2 episodes, Hong sis will be able to show more of LJJ giving, LIKE SHOW SHOW that she's giving in to BGW! but i think we can predict that cause from what she said in the last ep and also the preview 'whatever he does' she'll still like him. I see it as she's gonna give him unconditional love which is good and that's what he needs the most actually especially at a time like this with his whole family makjang plot. I hope that she tells him that 'HEY DON'T SUFFER ALONE, TELL ME! I'LL BE BY YOUR SIDE' i just want LJJ to do that for BGW, i think it's the greatest deed to repay for what BGW has done for her..

As for BGW, i'm actually very proud of him. Uri manchild is all grown up! Yes i noticed, he never scolds JJ for being in the company of the mayor,maybe it's because he knows it's his fault too for making LJJ upset. Regarding anything else LJJ goes to BGW but if it's about BGW obviously she can't go to him and she needs someone else to talk to, so i guess he's pretty understanding. Haha jealousy is always there when you love someone, if he's not jealous means he doesn't love her. HAHAHA! Yes and if you realize, in the past he never apologize, they always play the silent treatment but now he apologizes a.s.a.p. awwww so matured!! 

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@pandalover1  I am so waiting for Sora's stand by her man moment! Sorry I mean LJJ, I am mixing up BGW & LJJ with YYS & Sora.

They were so awesome in portraying the lead characters that to me its YeonSo couple instead of WooJoo. :wub:

                                                        I'll Stand By You   

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